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The idexo Transaction Credits System Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about the idexo transaction and method credit system.

One of the innovations of the idexo NFT Innovation Suite is the replacement of the need to purchase and manage blockchain gas tokens and instead use simple transaction and method credits. Among the benefits of the system are


  • Price stability when using method credits, enabling predictable business models
  • The use of API keys to create contracts and transactions on contracts removing the need to manage and store wallets on things like servers, creating a more secure environment
  • Removing the need to acquire, store and manage blockchain gas tokens, which saves time and removes headache
  • Simplifies the process of experimenting on new chains and managing multichain environments
  • Among others

To see how transaction credits are acquired and used to purchase method credits and how those method credits are used to create smart contracts and perform transactions, watch this video:


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: 

Q: Do the transaction credits expire? 

A: No, the transaction credits don't expire. You can use them at any time in the future to purchase method credits. 

Q: Are transaction credits refundable? 

A: No, transaction credits can only ever be used to perform transactions within the idexo system. 

Q: Can I use transaction credits for any integrated chain? 

A: Yes, you can use the credits to buy transaction methods for any integrated chain. In this way, you can easily experiment with new chains using the same transaction credit. 

Q: How do I use transaction credits to perform transactions on a specific chain? 


A: Under the Billing -> Method Credits tab in the dashboard you will see a table of available methods and chains. You can filter these methods using by clicking on a specific chain or chains and clicking on a method grouping. When you have chosen the chain and method you want credits for, click 'Add Credit' and pay for the amount of those credits you want using your Transaction Credits balance. 

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